Banking, Insurance, & Investing

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Explore the financial world as students dive into the main areas of financial service, including banking, investing, and insurance. Basics of banking and credit include a brief history of money and banking, negotiable instruments, creation of credit, and the function of banks. Methods for measuring the financial performance of financial institutions are analyzed. Students will be introduced to a variety of investment options and learn to determine the appropriate options for an investment goal. By analyzing financial reports and employing other tools to predict growth rates and return on investment, students will develop strategies to produce financial growth strategies for a business. Through projects, students will determine the risks faced by individuals and businesses and decide on the proper risk management techniques to mitigate those risks. Investigating both personal and business insurance products and deciding which products are suitable for a specific customer profile with be covered. Ethical issues and case studies involved in the financial services industry will be used to determine how industry regulations are developed. An investigation of the careers in the financial services industry will be explored throughout this course. Concepts of this course will be enhanced by business partnerships with community financial institutions, investment firms, insurance companies, stock market simulations, guest speakers, virtual experiences, technology and field trips.

Various forms of technologies and Internet research will be highlighted to expose students to the resources available when managing personal financial goals. Employability skills are integrated into activities, tasks, and projects throughout the course standards to demonstrate the skills required by business and industry. Competencies in the co-curricular student organization, Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA), are integral components of both the employability skills standards and content standards for this course. Feel free to download the course standards.

Banking, Insurance, & Investing is the third course in the Financial Services pathways in the Finance Cluster. Students enrolled in this course should have successfully completed Introduction to Business & Technology and Financial Literacy. After mastery of the standards in this course, students should be prepared to earn an industry-recognized credential in this career area.


Download the Banking, Insurance, and Investing syllabus. Information contained in the syllabus is subject to change if necessary.

Pacing Guide

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Unit Semester Year Long
Unit 1 - Banking and Money August 5 August 5
Unit 2 - Banking History
Unit 3 - Banking and eCommerce
Unit 4 - The Business of Banking
Unit 5 - Giving Credit
Unit 6 - Investment Basics
Unit 7 - Risk, Return and Diversification
Unit 8 - Financial Planning & Risk Management
Unit 9 - How Does Money Grow?
Unit 10 - International Finance
Unit 11 - Managing Risk and Insurance
Unit 12 - Business Insurance: Property and Liability
Unit 13 - Business Insurance: Employee and Specialty
Unit 14 - Regulating Financial Services
Unit 15 - Fraud and Financial Services
Unit 16 - Financial Services Careers

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