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Introduction to Digital Photography | Smartphones and Digital Photography | Review

Introduction to Digital Photography

Thunder Bay River

Without pictures, Webpages would be boring and uninviting, or at least that is the opinion of millions of people who visit and read Webpages each and every day. Pictures add interest to otherwise text focused content. Pictures also add to the ways we communicate on Webpages and also with social media. Pictures are also fun when used appropriately and they don't have to be professionally created or edited to be effective. For example, I took a picture with my smartphone of the Thunder Bay River in Atlanta, Michigan while I was on summer vacation. I then used to turn the picture into a jigsaw puzzle. The puzzle most likely caught your attention quicker than just a nice scenery picture of the river.

Ask your parents about the cameras they used to take pictures when they were your age. It was definitely a different experience than the digital camera we have today.

With the popularity of smartphones, tablet computers, and compact digital cameras, it has become easier than ever to capture the moments in your life. Learn the basics of how to take great pictures, along with tips for those trickier shots.

Since the 1990s, digital cameras have become more and more common—and also more affordable. Because of this, it's now easier than ever to get started with photography. Luckily, you don't need to buy a professional-level camera to get good results. The most important factor is the skill of the photographer. Most people think because they have a camera, they are a photographer. While that may be true, taking good pictures is an art that requires skills. The eight lessons on the website will teach you everything you need to know to be a professional "amateur" photographer.

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Assignment: Digital Photography Concepts

Directions: Do some research and educate yourself about digital cameras. You need to learn about and briefly describe the concepts in itsLearning in either a PowerPoint presentation or a Word document.

Assignment: Question for Thought 1

Directions: What are the differences between a film camera and a digital camera? How has the digital camera changed the photography industry? Write a short essay to answer those two questions (75-100 words). Place your essay in the textbox below. Do not attached a separate document and be sure to proofread before submitting.

Assignment: Digital Camera Comparison

Directions: Find three digital cameras priced between $100.00 and $200.00 and use the table in itsLearning to compare and contrast the cameras. Based on your findings determine which would be your camera of choice for either yourself or your family. Write a two paragraph summary of why you would choose that particular camera.

Smartphones and Digital Photography

Most mobile and smartphones have cameras built into them, and their image quality is getting better and better. Mobile cameras are very convenient, since people keep their phones with them wherever they go. The built-in camera is actually a really useful tool – not just for snapshots, but also for scanning documents and recording almost any type of information that you want to remember.

Here are some situations where a camera phone is useful:

Read Stephen's full blog article 10 Everyday Uses for Your Phone's Camera.

Taking Photos with a Smartphone

A smartphone is probably the most convenient camera you can have. You'll always have it with you, it fits in your pocket, and it doesn't require any manual adjustments before you can take a photo. Even if you own a nicer camera, you'll probably still use your smartphone to capture unexpected photo moments. Therefore, it's a good idea to learn how your phone's camera works so you'll be ready when you want to take a photo.

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Assignment: Question for Thought 2

Directions: How do you (or your friends) use the camera on your smartphone or tablet? Describe (not just list) five ways you use the camera (don't just say taking pictures). Write a short essay (75-100 words). Place your essay in the textbox below. Do not attached a separate document and be sure to proofread before submitting.

Assignment: Photographic Exhibit or Display

Directions: Choose a topic that interests you to tell a photographic story or demonstrate how to accomplish something. Take pictures (digital or film) of your topic. Process your pictures or upload to your computer. Choose 20 images and mount them on poster board. If you are using digital images, you may create a slide show on your computer or produce printouts for your poster board. The 20 photos should tell a story (like how to make cookies or a day in my life for example). Here is an example: Upload your completed assignment to itsLearning or take clear pictures of your poster board and upload. Answer the reflection questions in the itsLearning textbox below (do not attach a separate document and be sure to proofread before submitting). Download the grading rubric in itsLearning.



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